Priorities identified for Belarusian Transport and Communications Ministry

MINSK, 31 July (BelTA) – Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Sivak introduced the new Transport and Communications Minister Aleksei Lyakhnovich to the ministry’s personnel and outlined the most important tasks the industry will have to focus on in the near future, BelTA has learned.

Anatoly Sivak noted that the industry is going through some changes now. The Transport and Communications Ministry has to take care of foreign freight shipments. Everything that has been developed over the years will continue developing taking into account the changes, including interaction with clients – manufacturers of export cargoes, he noted.

Statistics indicates that interest in transportation by road is on the rise. “Transportation by road is entering larger transport space because the western direction is not as large as the eastern one. We can see dynamics here. Apart from that, we see certain dynamics in the sphere of railway transportation. It is also important for the railroad to adapt to the current situation and step up export and import shipments,” the deputy prime minister stressed.

The Minsk National Airport was created for the sake of offering some transit services. Things have changed in this regard, too, but the changes cannot be drastic, Anatoly Sivak is convinced. Work in this sphere continues, he noted.

Speaking about other means of transportation, for instance, transportation by water, the official remarked that thanks to cooperation within the framework of the Union State of Belarus and Russia Belarus has managed to sign significant agreements with Russia.

To improve the road network is one of the demands the president has formulated with regard to the transport industry. “The state invests heavily in the development of top-quality motorways and in municipal roads. Road construction and maintenance enterprises need to increase their capabilities. This year it is also necessary to start stocking up on gravel for the next year. The industry’s performance next year will depend on it,” the deputy prime minister said.

Aleksei Lyakhnovich

Anatoly Sivak reminded that focus on customers remains an important task for the transport industry. “People expect affordable and quality transportation by urban passenger transport. It is always task number one that must not fall under the radar. Apart from that, it is necessary to equalize business conditions for all kinds of transporters,” he concluded.

Aleksei Lyakhnovich has been appointed Transport and Communications Minister. He had been working as the first deputy transport and communications minister until then. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made the relevant decision on 28 July.


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