Over 300 sika deer inhabit Qingliangfeng Mountain

BEIJING, 26 July (BelTA — Сhina Daily). — Atop the Qingliangfeng Mountain in Lin’an district, Hangzhou, a breathtaking sight unfolds every year during the months of May to July. It’s the sika deer breeding season, where nature’s magic wove a tapestry of new life.

In 2023, this event repeated itself once more, as at least eight adorable baby sika deer were born in the area.

The tiny deer pranced around in excitement under the watchful eyes of their mother. They brought smiles to the faces of the dedicated staff at the reserve, who have committed themselves to preserving the beauty and diversity of the natural wonder.

Carefully treading a fine line between observation and non-interference, the staff employ innovative techniques to monitor the sika deer family without causing any disturbance to their natural growth. Cable videos, drones, and remote inspections are employed to capture their every move, allowing researchers and visitors to witness the magical moments from afar.

In China, the sika deer hold a special place of honor, being classified as a first-class national protected animal. In 2023, the reserve achieved yet another milestone when it was recognized as an excellent case of biodiversity conservation in Zhejiang province, specifically for the remarkable growth of the South China sika deer population.

Thanks to years of efforts, cooperation in scientific research, and habitat restoration, the wild deer population in the region had soared past the 300 mark.


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