Mongolian ambassador comments on prospects for Mongolia-Belarus trade

Ambassador Batsukh Bayarsaik

MINSK, 31 July (BelTA) — Mongolia and Belarus are bound by long-standing friendly ties, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to Belarus Batsukh Bayarsaikhan told BelTA.

Mongolia is interested in intensifying relations with Belarus at all levels, the diplomat said.

As BelTA reported earlier, in his Independence Day greetings to Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko Mongolia President Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh stressed that traditionally friendly relations and cooperation with Belarus are actively developing in trade, economy, agriculture and light industry. The Mongolian leader expressed confidence that further bilateral cooperation will be growing stonger and invited Aleksandr Lukashenko to visit Mongolia.

In this regard, the Mongolian Ambassador noted: «Visits at the highest level are important for intensifying and expanding friendly bilateral relations.»

The diplomat noted that relations between the two states have been good since the Soviet times. Belarusian arvesters and tractors were supplied to Mongolia back then. The foundation for relations in education was also laid at that time.

Along with this, Ambassador Batsukh Bayarsaikhan noted that there is not enough information in his country about the present-day Belarus, its achievements over the years of independence. Therefore, government and business delegations from Mongolia come to Belarus to learn more about the modern realities, attend exhibitions. It is planned that a group of journalists from Mongolia will visit Belarus in the autumn.

«A lot of delegations come from Mongolia. Not so long ago, representatives of the agricultural sector visited Belagro. They were happy to note the peace and calm in Belarus, hospitality, and high-quality food. Businessmen from Mongolia say that there is a lot to learn from Belarus from an economic point of view,» the Mongolian ambassador said.

According to him, trade and economic ties between the two countries are developing gradually and continuously. For example, a large contract to supply building materials (windows, doors, floor coverings) has been concluded. Great prospects have been outlined in terms of Belarusian dairy and meat supplies (milk powder, butter, cheeses, sausages) to Mongolia.

«The most important thing is quality. Mongolia is a rapidly developing country, and people pay attention to the quality of the products they use,» Ambassador Batsukh Bayarsaikhan said.

He also said that many Mongolian goods, including cashmere, are famous all over the world and are sold in America, Europe, and Asia. The ambassador believes that cashmere products could be an excellent item to supply to Belarus.

Ambassador Batsukh Bayarsaikhan is the first ambassador of Mongolia with residence in Minsk. Prior to that, the ambassadors of Mongolia to Belarus were appointed on a concurrent basis.

The diplomat is confident that the Belarusian-Mongolian relations will gain momentum in many avenues, including in agriculture, education, and tourism.


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