Lukashenko outlines tasks for new Belarusian ministers of utilities, transport

MINSK, 28 July (BelTA) – Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has outlined tasks for Gennady Trubilo and Aleksei Lyakhnovich, who have been appointed new heads of the Housing and Utilities Ministry and the Transport and Communications Ministry, BelTA has learned.

Both ministers have been working as first deputy ministers in the respective ministries up till now. The president drew attention to this fact: “Apart from the tasks I’d like you to accomplish, I think it is more important that you know better than I do what needs to be done in the areas of work you’ve been entrusted with. Frankly speaking, I don’t remember that we have ever appointed deputy ministers as ministers. We’ve always looked for and selected new people. We wanted new professionals, who know these things, to come and take a fresh look at this or that agency. But in this case I believe that both appointees are well-trained people. I cannot say that the ministries and the former ministers had not been working well. This is why we opted for deputy ministers.”

At the same time Aleksandr Lukashenko outlined tasks for each minister.

The Housing and Utilities Ministry has to be visible

Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “I expect the ministry to be, first of all, visible. You understand what I am talking about. And secondly, I want this ministry to finally prove that it needs to exist. That the country needs the Housing and Utilities Ministry. It is no secret for you that I am constantly getting proposals on liquidating this ministry or incorporating it into some other ministry because allegedly the functions overlap. Many functions are realized by municipal government agencies. Some belong to the Architecture and Construction Ministry. Allied ones and so on.”

The president disagreed with this approach: “Even if you deal with construction or capital repairs at times while the Architecture and Construction Ministry exists in parallel, everyone will have plenty of work to do. Naturally, you shouldn’t do what municipal authorities and the Architecture and Construction Ministry will be doing. I don’t think the Housing and Utilities Ministry had intruded a lot into their authority and functions.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko explained why he keeps the Housing and Utilities Ministry in place. Because complaints about housing and utilities top the list of complaints submitted to the head of state and the Belarus President Administration.

“You have to introduce novelties into this system, strictly control the execution of this entire functionality, which is entrusted to municipal authorities and other organizations. And I would like to see fewer complaints. I understand that it has always been like that. People have always lacked something: either a fence has not been repaired or a roof or a balcony,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.


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