Brylo plans to focus on promoting livestock industry in Vitebsk Oblast

Igor Brylo

MINSK, 28 July (BelTA) – The livestock industry of Vitebsk Oblast has great potential, Igor Brylo who was appointed Aide to the President — Inspector for Vitebsk Oblast told journalists BelTA has learned.

“Ambitious tasks have been set by the president. First of all, this is work with personnel, with the talent pool of the head of state. We need to pay attention to the work of district and city administrations,” said Igor Brylo.

“The head of state drew attention to agricultural matters, first of all, compliance with technologies in animal husbandry and crop production. Therefore, we will try to resolve technological issues and increase the output of milk and meat so that processing companies of Vitebsk Oblast will be able to operate at capacity. We will try to do this within a short period of time. We have a fairly large reserve in Vitebsk Oblast,” Igor Brylo said.

He recalled the situation with the capacity utilization of meat and milk processing enterprises in Brest and Grodno, where producers are putting pressure on processors. Vitebsk Oblast has extensive reserves in animal husbandry. “Therefore, we will pay close attention to the livestock industry,” Igor Brylo noted. “If the annual progress is 5-7%, I believe the meat and milk output will increase substantially within three to four years,” he added.

Answering the question about his feelings about the new position, Igor Brylo emphasized: “I am in high spirits. I know the region very well. Over the course of ten years of work at the Agriculture and Food Ministry, I often traveled to Vitebsk Oblast. The region is good, the people are good.”


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