Belarus’ trade with Russia’s Pskov Oblast 21% up in 2022

VITEBSK, 28 July (BelTA) – In 2022 Belarus and Russia’s Pskov Oblast increased mutual trade by 21%, BelTA learned from Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Igor Petrishenko at a session of the working group on cooperation between Belarus and Russia’s Pskov Oblast.

Igor Petrishenko remarked that interaction with partners from Pskov Oblast is progressing across the board. He said: “Pskov Oblast is our neighbor. We are connected not only by solid economic, scientific, and technical ties but also interpersonal ties, cultural ties, interaction between our youth organizations. Certainly, the level of trade turnover is an indicator of our interaction. After a visit of Mikhail Yuryevich [Vedernikov, Governor of Pskov Oblast] to the Republic of Belarus in 2020 the relevant plan for the 2020-2023 period was adopted where we sum up results every year. I’d like to say that last year our mutual trade rose by 21% to nearly $190 million. It is the highest indicator of our interaction in this sphere. We have been working hard this year. We are slightly behind. By about 8-9%. I think today’s session will provide an additional impulse.”

The sides intend to discuss the entire spectrum of interaction. Igor Petrishenko added: “We are very satisfied with the fact that MAZ chassis are shipped to an enterprise in Velikiye Luki where the relevant vehicles based on them are assembled. It is our joint project. Over 40 units have already been shipped. The total sum will exceed 80 units of our equipment. We actively advance cooperation in agriculture. We share technologies and approaches. We have joint projects in the area of civil engineering. And we are glad that interregional direct ties develop very actively. Vitebsk Oblast Days took place in Pskov nearly one year ago. Now we are hosting the reciprocal days. A very big delegation with representatives of all spheres [has come to Belarus from Pskov Oblast]. Business groups work in the relevant areas. Cities interact actively.”

On 28 July the sides are supposed to sign an agreement on cross-border cooperation between Vitebsk and the municipal structure City of Pskov. Igor Petrishenko also announced the signing of other documents.

“As a result of the session there are plans to sign documents for the next three years – a plan of our joint actions to realize the agreement between the government of the Republic of Belarus and the administration of Pskov Oblast on economic, scientific and technical, and cultural cooperation. These are concrete avenues in all spheres. I think this work will allow us to develop investment cooperation, economic cooperation, and manufacturing cooperation as well as cooperation in tourism, education, science, culture, and so-called people’s diplomacy,” the official said. “And the authorities do everything to make transportation comfortable for our people. Flights from Pskov to Minsk are available twice per week. It was the governor’s initiative. I think this project will allow Pskov Oblast residents to learn more about the Republic of Belarus and will allow our country’s residents to learn more about Pskov Oblast.”

The session of the working group on cooperation between Belarus and Russia’s Pskov Oblast is part of the program of the Pskov Oblast Days in Vitebsk. Business events, cultural events, and youth events will take place in the city on 28-30 July.


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