Belarus’ senator exposes European cynicism regarding children of Donbass

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GRODNO, 31 July (BelTA) – The unfair criticism of Belarus for helping children of Donbass only strengthens people’s determination to continue a good cause, member of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly Yekaterina Serafinovich told a BelTA correspondent.

“In interviews with Belarusian and Russian media Donetsk children shared stories about their holidays in Belarus and their wish to come to our country again. It was really moving,” the senator said. “Many children from Donbass got the opportunity to have a respite, to recover physically and emotionally in Belarusian sanatoriums, health camps. Thanks to Belarus, these children who do not even know what it is to live in a peaceful country, have an opportunity to enjoy their childhood years. In Belarus they regain strength and hope that peace will return to their homes,” the senator said.

“Belarus does not hide the fact of hosting children and the reasons why it does it. Nevertheless, a number of foreign media outlets, politicians are trying to accuse Belarus of kidnapping children. Why don’t they raise their voice when children of Donbass die from the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, when they are blown up by mines, hide in basements, are forcibly separated from their parents? As it has turned out, European cynicism has no boundaries and resembles a parable when the thief shouts “Catch the thief!” louder than everyone else,” Yekaterina Serafinovich said.

«Once again, this showed in the anti-Belarusian report by European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs which once again denigrated our country. It is assumed that the final decision will be made in September. However, whatever it may be, Belarus will continue the policy that meets the fundamental interests of the Belarusian people and the country’s national security. We will not change our attitude towards those in need of help. Belarusians will continue to help suffering children. This is the principle not only of Aleksei Talai who set up a charitable foundation and who enjoys the boundless respect and support of compatriots. This is the position of our people and President Aleksandr Lukashenko,» the senator said.

«The false statements by the self-exiled opposition members who sing songs from the paid repertoire serve as further proof of their hypocrisy. This, however, has not only downsides but also certain upsides,» she said. “Firstly, Belarusians have once again seen the deceitful inhumane face of Western propaganda and the cynicism of those who sought power in Belarus in 2020. Secondly, people unite when they understand the evil they have to confront. This is our mentality — to unite both in good endeavors and in the face of danger.»

«Belarusian people are very peaceful. Witnesses of the war are still alive in Belarus and they remember the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War on our land. Children’s concentration camps are like silent witnesses to the massacre of the most defenseless. There is no forgetting it. And we will not forget. This is why we are helping those who are suffering from the boundless cruelty of the ‘democratic’ West today. We will continue to help despite all the attempts to find a speck in the eyes of Belarusians by those who have a beam in their eye,» Yekaterina Serafinovich said.


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