Belarus harvests 16% of grain legumes area

MINSK, 27 July (BelTA) – Belarus has cleared 16.1% of the area planted to cereals and leguminous crops, the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry told BelTA.

As of 27 July cereals and leguminous crops (excluding corn, buckwheat and millet) were harvested from the area of 319,500 hectares, which is 16.1% of the designated area. A total of 1,156,000 tonnes of grain of cereal crops were threshed, with the average yield at 36.2 centners per hectare.

Winter rapeseed to be used as grain was gathered from 204,800ha of land or 61.6% of the designated area, with 508,500 tonnes threshed (the average yield at 24.8 centners per hectare).

Flax was pulled from 18,800ha, which is 43.1% of the area under this crop. Cereal and legume straws were harvested from 201,200 hectares, or 63%.

Belarusian agricultural workers made 375,400 tonnes of hay (39% of the target), 8,462,700 tonnes of haylage (61.8%), including 289,800 tonnes in polymeric packaging, 397,900 tonnes of grain haylage, and 211,300 tonnes of silage (1.10%).

Plans have been made to make a total of 9.6 million tonnes of feed units out of grass this year. So far 26.2% of the targeted amount has been made. Belarusian agricultural workers are supposed to stock up on nearly 19.2 million tonnes of silage, 13.7 million tonnes of haylage (including 1 million tonnes in polymeric packaging), and 962,100 tonnes of hay.


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