Ambassador names key Belarus-Brazil projects

Bernard Jorg Leopold de Garcia Klingl (left)

MINSK, 8 September (BelTA) – It is important for Brazil to promote comprehensive cooperation with Belarus, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Brazil to Belarus Bernard Jorg Leopold de Garcia Klingl said at an event to mark the 201st anniversary of the country’s independence on 7 September, BelTA has learned.

“We have implemented a project that has become a hallmark of our cooperation in culture. This project was prompted by our determination to gin up interest in Brazil and encourage Belarusians to broaden their perspectives on my country, especially those Belarusians who have never been to Brazil. The project’s name “Rendezvous with Brazil» fits the idea perfectly, in my opinion. It was implemented by young and very talented artists,” the diplomat noted.

“This exhibition traveled from Minsk to Grodno and Vitebsk and will soon be presented at the Latin American Festival here in Minsk. I hope to scale up our partnership through other projects,” the ambassador said.

The diplomat also spoke about cooperation in trade and economy: “As I was traveling around the country [Belarus], I had the opportunity to see a high technological level and dedication to work at public and private companies operating in various fields. I still very well remember my visit to potash mines in Soligorsk, where I descended to a depth of 900 meters and saw with my own eyes where potash salts were mined. This raw material is used to make fertilizers that have been used in Brazil, including on coffee plantations, for many years. I was impressed by Belaruskali’s corporate social responsibility. The essence of our diplomatic efforts is to make life better for people like those miners and their families, as well as for Brazilian farmers and Brazilian people as a whole who benefit from the products made by Belarusians,” the ambassador said.

The Embassy of Brazil invited one of Brazil’s leading coffee specialists to visit Minsk. “We arranged a presentation with a tasting of the highest quality gourmet coffee and presented our new drop: tea from coffee berries. As you know, Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer, and for us coffee is much more than just a drink. It is a good occasion for a friendly gathering. We are pleased that our event aroused great interest. Minsk is a city where new tasting sites appear every day, and the presence of Brazilian coffee further strengthens the connection between our peoples,” the diplomat continued.

“We are not resting on our laurels. We keep looking for opportunities to increase trade in various products, such as tobacco, chocolate, textiles, tractors, dump trucks. We are looking forward to cooperation in cleaning up our rivers. There is a company in Belarus with extensive experience in this area. During my travels around the country, I have seen manifestations of the non-obvious side of diplomacy. I have got to know your compatriots better – they are serious, hardworking, dedicated and friendly people. The same can be said about Brazilians who entrusted me with this mission. And such an exchange — material and intellectual — contributes to the development and prosperity that we are all striving to,” the ambassador said.

“Today, as we celebrate another anniversary of Brazil’s independence, we keep in mind that we should work every day to protect this independence. We understand that independence is not just a formal recognition of our sovereignty, but a guarantee that we can exercise it to the fullest. We want to be able to deepen our cooperation with you without any conditions, without restrictions and without sanctions,” Bernard Jorg Leopold de Garcia Klingl added.

He also thanked the Belarusian side for support in the implementation of all projects.


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