Aleinik: Situation in the world is unlikely to return to normalcy any time soon

MINSK, 28 July (BelTA) – There are no reasons to be believe that the situation in the region and the world will be normalized in the near future, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Sergei Aleinik said at a seminar with heads of Belarusian diplomatic missions, BelTA has learned.

Reviewing the results of the seminar, Sergei Aleinik spoke about the main areas of work, problems and tasks of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “I am sure that you are fully aware of the difficult external conditions in which these tasks have to be addressed. Belarus has found itself at the epicenter of a geopolitical confrontation with all the ensuing risks and consequences. Unfortunately, there are no grounds to believe that the situation in the region and the world will return to normalcy in the near and medium term,” the foreign minister said.

According to him, the conflict in Ukraine remains a key destabilizing factor in the region and the world. “We see that the West, led by the United States, is determined to keep hostilities on the boil, to pump the region with weapons and is not yet ready to end the conflict and start a peace process,” the minister said.

At the same time, Sergei Aleinik noted that the number of peacekeeping initiatives is growing. They mostly come from the countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. “Our country also retains its peacekeeping potential in this extremely important issue, primarily due to the personal role of our head of state. It is necessary to make the most of it in your foreign policy contacts in host countries,” he added.


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